The Biggest UFO Mystery

Never mind those grainy videos. I want to know why the media can't find any relevant subject experts to help make sense of all this.

My faith in journalism is being tested by the UFOs. I keep thinking the fever will break, but no, every day brings a stunningly credulous new media report of mysterious objects encroaching U.S. military airspace.

You need to watch this Today show segment to truly grasp how bad we are at this.

To start, this footage was “leaked” to a UFO fanatic and filmmaker named Jeremy Corbell. He is known for his documentaries on poltergeists and a fraudulent flying saucer whistleblower named Bob Lazar, who claims to have reverse engineered alien technology at Area 51.

That should be the first red flag. If I’m an NBC journalist, I’m wondering why military radar images and data are being leaked to a UFO buff and not a reputable journalist who would presumably vet the source and provenance of the footage. It looks like the journalist took a stab at the latter before going on the air.

Props for including the #UFO twitter hashtag, which is a kind of bat signal to the flying saucer brigade.

Evidently, the journalist had little luck in finding aerospace or aviation experts who could help him make sense of the radar footage. So he went with the next best thing:

Actually, Corbell—the well-known radar expert (err, UFO enthusiast)—was asked by NBC to interpret the footage in the segment. Way to go, Team Journalism!

To be fair, Corbell is also the go-to expert on UFO/military encounters for MSNBC and Fox News, where he said:

UFOs are real and they fly with impunity within our restricted airspace. Finally people are acknowledging that this is an issue, that there is a UFO problem.

CNN has posted other similarly“leaked” footage from Corbell in a stand-alone montage video. There’s no context, just the images overlaid with a musical score.

Amidst this media fueled UFO frenzy, science journalist and former Discover magazine editor-in-chief asks:

Ha! That’s what he thinks. I will be revealing all the alien technology secrets in a conversation this afternoon with several other journalists, scientists and scholars. Seriously, I think they know everything there is to know about UFOs, so check it out.